fair grounds foundation

By choosing Tea of Life, you automatically support our Fair Grounds Foundation.

The Fair Ground Foundation offers both financial and social support through projects that make a real difference in the living conditions of the local communities. Such projects include better housing, nurseries and childcare, education, and direct access to healthcare.

The Foundation ensures that €0.25 per sold kilogram of tea goes to projects that support the local communities living around the tea plantations

6 Nurseries
1 Pharmacy
15 Projects
6950 People reached
3 Playgrounds
1 Community Centre

New-build project pharmacy

While talking with the families that live around the tea plantations, we learned that a new pharmacy is high on their wish list. The old pharmacy no longer complies with modern-day requirements and hygiene standards. Especially in these pandemic times, the community needs a well-functioning and spacious pharmacy where professionals can work under the most hygienic conditions. The new pharmacy will get a waiting room, a consultation room, ample sanitary facilities and, of course, a medication collection counter.

New floor at the Communitea Center

It is great to have a place where we can celebrate life and remember. It feels good to have the community center where we can share both festive and sad moments. The Community Center contributes to the community spirit from which we all benefit.

Hi, I’m Shanti!

From early in the morning until 5 in the afternoon I look after the children at the Abbotsleigh tea plantation. We pay attention to their health. For example, we monitor their weight. We also provide the necessary vaccinations.

The foundation takes good care of us and takes into account the needs that are there.

We take care of these children from the age of six months until they start school. It makes us happy that we help these little children grow up. They go to school and do their best to learn a lot.

The Fair Grounds Foundation logo consists of a cup of tea with brightly colored lines in it. The lines refer to the elements that make for that delicious cup of tea: sun, earth, herbs, tea and water.